Frequently Asked Questions

Arizona CCW:

1.  Can I get an AZ CCW if I am not a resident of Arizona?

  • Yes.  Arizona will issue permits to residents and and non-residents

2.  Do I need to bring a firearm for this course?

  • No.  There is no range time required for this course and no live ammunition is permitted in the classroom.

3.  Why isn't range time required for the AZ CCW course?

  • Arizona requires students to demonstrate competency with a firearm and safe fire handling.  This can be done in a classroom setting.  Additionally, many of our students are active duty or prior service military members and already meet this standard for the AZ CCW permit.

4.  How many states is my permit accepted in?

  • As of July 2015 the Arizona CCW permit is accepted in 37 states for AZ residents and 31 states for non-residents.

5.  Can I still attend the course if I am not in the military or I do not have prior military service?

  • Yes this course is open to all individuals who may legally posses a firearm.

6.  How old do I have to be so submit for an AZ CCW permit?

  • AZ DPS requires applicants be 21 years of age or 19 years of age with proof of military service.

7.  How long does it take to get my permit?

  • The application process is approximately 6 weeks.

8.  How long is my permit valid for?

  • AZ CCW permits are valid for 5 years.


1.  I cannot make it to the course I registered for, how do I schedule a new course date?

  • Simply give us a call or shoot us an email and we would be happy to reschedule your course date.

2.  Do you issue refunds if I decide not to take a course?

  • Courses are nonrefundable  due to the cost of materials and the the renting of training facilities.  We would be more than happy to apply your balance to another course.