Military and Law Enforcement Are the Worst Firearm Instructors

Military and law enforcement are the worst firearm instructors.  That is one hell of a way to make friends in this industry!  Hurry and Google my name so you can discredit this piece and tell me what a boot I am.  As some of you take immediate offense to the title without reading the entirety of this blog let me give you my professional background.  

Shotguns - The Best Choice for Home Defense

Is buckshot not your thing? Do you have a hallway in your home longer than 15 yards? Can I come over to your mansion? No? Fair enough. Back on topic, I just said size doesn’t matter. What I really meant was for the most part, handgun calibers don’t really translate to “stopping power”. You know what does, though? 1 oz of lead. Just imagine 1 oz of lead traveling at hundreds of feet per second. Sounds pretty devastating, right? Now imagine that 1 oz solid lead with a hollow point, and you’ll see how a would-be home invader will certainly regret his/her decision.

Orlando Terror Attack - Fight or Flight?

In the aftermath of the worst terror attack since 9/11 we are still grappling with the reality we live in.  There is evil in this world that will bring us harm where ever we are.  Whether it is a school in Beslan, a concert in Paris, or a night club in Orlando, evil will find us.  Let us not mince words here.  When we say "find" us, we mean kill us. And not just our military or law enforcement officers but our husbands and sons, mothers and daughters, our elders and our children.  We are all potential targets and as evidence in Charlestown and Sandy Hook, even our "safe places" are no longer safe.


The California legislature continues to introduce more and more increasingly restrictive gun laws in the form of Assembly Bills (ABs) or Senate Bills (SBs). Recently, three ABs have been introduced, that if passed, will drastically change gun ownership in California. The latest bills are: AB 1663 (introduced by Assembly Member Chiu [Coauthors: Assembly Members Levine and Ting]), AB 1664 (introduced by Assembly Members Levine and Ting [Coauthor: Assembly Member Chiu]), and AB1674 (introduced by Assembly Member Santiago). 

Training: Winning On The Street & In The Courtroom

  Many people approach the range from a leisure standpoint.  Shooting firearms is just another fun outdoor activity that combines the thrill of a powerful tool with the excitement of applying skills to hit a target.  There is nothing wrong with promoting the safe use of firearms by enjoying a day in the desert shooting cans or plinking steel at the local range.  What many people fail to do is make the distinction between going to the range for entertainment and going to the range to train.

The Most Overlooked Aspect of Concealed Carry

There are many mistakes I see made by those who choose to conceal carry.  Few will go to the range even once a month and others almost never at all.  For those who do step into a shooting booth, they will often only shoot at a static target from a static position.  As they comfortably stand in their shooting position they will engage their target taking care and time to stitch the tightest groups possible.

"Judged by Twelve Rather Than Carried by Six" - A Flawed Mentality

The surge in CCW applications is likely driven by the desire for personal safety. Many applicants also include those who have owned a gun for some time, but now want the ability to carry it legally on the street. The problem, however, is that people generally must meet more stringent requirements beyond what is required for the purchase of a gun. As explained below, these requirements can be frustrating and onerous, leading some to conclude they will just “carry” without getting the required permit. This article explores the consequences of such a decision. In the end, it is better not to break the law, but rather follow it.