Riverside County CCW Permit

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Approved by the Riverside County Sheriff Department.  This course meets the the standard for the initial permit (8-hours) and renewal permit (4-hours) training requirement.   This course allows students to explore drawing from a holster, critical thinking under stress, focus on the legal aspects of armed self-defense. Students will learn the laws and the principles of armed self-defense and how they apply under stress.

8-hour Initial Permit Course/$175    4-hour Renewal Permit Course/$125

Location: 504 E. Alvarado St #207 Fallbrook, CA 92028


General Information:

  • May issue state

  • Good cause statement (more info)

  • CA residents only (military exemptions)

  • Valid in 24 states (see map)

  • 21+ years of age

  • Valid for 2 years (standard permit)

  • $195 application fee

  • Includes AZ CCW Non-Resident application ($10 additional fingerprint fee)

CLICK HERE for application information


8-hour Initial Permit Course Dates:

Saturday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • July 6th (PRIVATE) & July 20th

  • August 3rd & 11th

  • September 7th & 22nd

  • October 5th & 19th

  • November 2nd & 16th

  • December 7th & 21st

4-hour Renewal Permit Course / Permit Modification Add Firearm

By appointment only 760-451-6694