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*November 4th* ASP-Survive the Fight CCW Skills Class


Active Self Protection - Survive the Fight Tour

Survive the Fight CCW Skills Class

November 4th 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

DTF Range - 6463 Rainbow Heights Fallbrook, CA 92028

Defensive Tactics and Firearms is honored to host the Active Self Protection - Survive the Fight Tour.  Come train with world renowned firearms instructor John Correia with a course of fire designed around what he has learned from analyzing over 10,000 self-defense videos.  

John has created a concealed course aligned to statistical data and based on the thousands of real life self-defense videos he has examined. Join us on the range for 6-hours of concealed carry trainng from one of the best in the industry. This price also includes two free seats to the Survive the Fight Seminar on November 2nd or November 3rd ($40 value).

Active Self Protection (ASP) boasts 500 thousand YouTube followers with over 2 million views and a Facebook following of more than 275 thousand.

Learn more about Active Self Protection and the services they provide:

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Additional Info

Student Expectations

  • This is not a course for brand new shooters.  Shooters at a minimum should know how to safely draw a firearm from concealment under non-stressful conditions and assume a strong one-handed grip.  This is not for folks who have never shot or trained with their firearm.
  • This course will involve physical effort and active participation.  Students must be in sufficient physical shape that why can take on physically demand task (such as drawing a firearm, moving, and shooting!) and be coordinated enough to maintain their balance and control.  We won't be doing "Gun Crossfit" or anything, but this is an active course.

Required Equipment

  • A great attitude! If you come to learn and grow and participate, well all have a great time.  If you don't then you'll be miserable!
  • Comfortable, everyday clothes appropriate for the weather.  I suggest that you wear your typical daily attire.  The one caveat is that I would wear clothes that you don't mind ruining.  We shouldn't ruin any clothes, but it'll be physical so if something tears, I don't want you to be upset!
  • Your daily carry firearm.  If you want to bring a bigger gun for most of the class I will allow that, but make sure to bring the pocket rocket you carry too, so that you can contextualize your skills to your actual setup.
  • Whatever holster you use for your everyday carry gun or any other gun you will be bringing.  I would strongly suggest the use of a leather or index holster, and that it be quality.  NOTE: Blackhawk Serpa holsters, small-of-the-back (SOB), and  shoulder holsters are PROHIBITED.  Appendix carry holsters must be approved prior to the course.. Contact Morgan at 760-451-6694 for holster questions.
  • At least two spare magazine/speed loaders.  Students who carry an extra magazine holster/speed loader pouch for every day carry are highly encourage to bring those items.
  • Eye and ear protection.
  • 250 rounds of ammunition.
  • Notebook and pen/pencil for notes.
  • A hat is highly recommended.