Self-Defense Legal Concepts

$50 / 4-Hours

This four hour course explores the CA laws regarding armed use of force and considerations as you travel throughout the country. Students will develop a deep understanding of concepts such as the Castle Doctrine, Duty to Inform, Stand Your Ground, Duty to Retreat, and how to interact with law enforcement during a traffic stop and after a self-defense scenario. 

This course can be taken as stand alone training or as part of higher level course and is a prerequisite to the range portion for SD County CCW, Defensive Handgun Concepts, Home Defense - Handgun, and Defensive Carbine courses.

Course Dates:

  • January 13th & 20th

  • February 8th (Vista-AGAG), 17th & 25th

  • March 11th & 17th

  • April 13th (Chino-Calvary Chapel), 21st& 26th

  • May 12th, 19th & 24th

  • June 10th & 16th

  • July 14th & 21st

  • August 11th 18th & 25th

  • September 8th 15th & 22nd

  • October 13th 20th & 27th

  • November 17th & 25th

  • December 8th 15th & 22nd