Defensive Pistol Courses

Our statistically aligned and reality based defensive courses will challenge all levels of shooters by safely inducing high levels of stress.  Be prepared for the legal aftermath of a deadly force encounter with in-depth review of the laws that govern armed self-defense. Scroll down to learn more about the following courses: Defensive Handgun Concepts,  Home Defense HandgunNRA Personal Protection Inside the Home (Student)


Defensive Handgun Concepts: $150/8 hours

Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Our DHC course is an advanced level concealed carry course with all engagements shot from the holster.  This first 4 hours will be in the classroom focused on the legal aspects of armed self-defense.  Students will learn the laws and how they can be applied.  Students will then transition to the range applying the concepts learned in the classroom as fire over 200 rounds in a high-stress environment 

  • January 13th
  • February N/A
  • March 11th
  • April 21st
  • May 12th
  • June 16th
  • July 14th
  • August 11th
  • September 8th
  • October 13th
  • November 24th
  • December 8th

Home Defense - Handgun: 8 hours/$125

Time: 8:00 am -5:00 pm

If a handgun is part of your home defense plan than this is the course for you.  This eight hour course explores the key legal concepts and considerations for utilizing a handgun as part of a home defense plan.  The range portion will focus on low-light engagements utilizing a free-hand or firearm-mounted light.

  • January 20th
  • February 17th
  • March 17th
  • April 21st
  • May 19th
  • July 21st
  • August 18th
  • September 15th
  • October 20th
  • November 17th
  • December 15th

NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home - Student: 8 hours/$125

Time: 8:00 am -5:00 pm

This course is a mandatory pre-requisite to the NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home (PPITH) Instructor course.  This 8-hour course will explore teach students the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to stop a threat in the home.  The course fee covers the classroom portion of this class.  We invite our friends to shoot on our private property to explore the principles learned in this course.

  • June 23rd
  • July 14th