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Defensive Handgun

Home Defense - Handgun

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If a handgun is part of your home defense plan than this is the course for you.  This eight hour course explores the key legal concepts and considerations for utilizing a handgun as part of a home defense plan.  The morning portion of the course will consist of four hours of classroom instruction and demonstrations.  Classroom discussion will include use of force standards, storage laws, ammunition considerations, contacting law enforcement, challenge commands, and developing a safe room strategy.

Students will apply the concepts learned in the classroom on the range by firing over 200 rounds from multiple positions.  Students will learn when they are justified in using deadly for force and how to safely and accurately defend their lives or the lives of others under high stress situations.

Course of fire includes:

  • Low-light techniques
  • Precision shooting & defensive shooting
  • Dominant Hand/Support Hand
  • Barricade shooting
  • Engage multiple targets
  • Vocalize commands
  • Much more!

*Deposits and courses are non-refundable.  Students may apply the costs to a future date or another course.

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January 20th - February 17th - March 17th - April 21st - May 19th - June 23rd - July 21st

August 18th - September 15th - October 20th - November 17th - December 15th

Open Seating: Pay for the course now without choosing a course date. Perfect for a gift or individuals with demanding schedules.


8:00 Am - 5:00 pm (1 hour lunch break)


Class Portion:   Defensive Tactics and Firearms 504 E Alvarado St, Suite 207, Fallbrook, CA 92028

Range Portion:  Finn Foundation 4 Youth  6463 Sombrero Rd Fallbrook, CA, 92028


Range Directions: From Rainbow Heights Rd turn right (east) onto Sombrero Rd. Stay left on the pavement until you see signs for "DTF Private Range". Range is the last property on the road.



  • Ear and Eye protection (electronic muffs preferred)
  • Semi-Automatic Pistol or Revolver with a minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition.
  • At least two functional magazines (semi-autos) or speed-loaders (revolvers) with a magazine pouch.
  • Flashlight (LED w/ 100 lumens minimum recommended)
  • Shoes/Boots – comfortable with sufficient support to permit a full range of motion. No sandals or flip-flops.

*Deposits and courses are non-refundable.  Students may apply the costs to a future date or another course.